How to Propose SI Topics?

Learn about the publication process and how to submit your manuscript. This tutorial will help you find the right journal and maximize the chance to be published.

1.Find the Suitable Journal

Find the best suitable Journal according to your manuscript that needs to be published.
Learn more about each journals.

2. Register on APID 

You can register on APID and create your profile which includes all your research & achievements.

For the steps to register on APID

3. Role Upgradation

For the upgradation of your role please visit on this 

4.Special Issue Template

This section tells how to write your Special Issue topics.

1. Special Issue Title

  • This Special Issue Belongs to: Enter your journal name
  • Related Section: Enter the topic relatable section
  • Date for Abstract Submission: Enter the date of Abstract Submission
  • Date for Manuscript Submission: Enter the date of Manuscript Submission

2. Special Issue Description

3. Potential topics 

4. Details provide for Guest Editorial Team

5.Fill the Form

You need to fill the form to propose the Special Issue Topic according to your research and finding from any of the related journal.(follow Journal's Focus & Scope)

1. Steps for filling the form

  • Subject: Choose your subject
  • Journal: Choose your journal
  • Special Issue title: Enter the special issue title
  • Special Issue Description: Enter the description about special issue
  • Keywords: Enter the keywords 
  • Related Section: Enter the journal's focus & scope

2. Steps for filling the form of Guest Editorial(GE) Team

  • Lead GE Name: Enter your lead Guest Editorial name
  • Institutional email: Enter your Institutional email id
  • Contact Number: Enter the contact number
  • Affiliation: Enter your related affiliation
  • City: Enter your city 
  • Country: Enter your country
  • Publication record link: Enter your publication record link
  • Conflict of Interest Declaration: You need to accept conflict of interest declaration before the final submission of the proposal form
  • Status
  • Website URL of topics

6.Propose Topics

Click here to open the form for topic proposal